Short Three - Blue Belt

Right cat stance, turn to 1:30 position. Step forward to right neutral. C block, left high, right low. Right inward block, left outward block, right eye spear.
Right cat stance, double eye spear, double palm stike to chest.
(rear bear hug) Step out to the right, left, right elbow strikes. Step behind opponent with left foot. Left elbow to the stomach, right hammer to the groin.
Ready stance. right hand over left. Turn to 3:00. Universal. right outward, left punch.
(rear hair grab> Turn to 7:30 position. Right elbow, shuto. Left palm strike to the chin. Right rising elbow, right hammer stike to the nose. Right down and out block to groin.
(cross wrist grab) Grab your left wrist. Turn to 10:30 position. Left elbow stike, left eye rake.
(rear bear hug, arms free) jump up, and put feet together. Left and right dragon strike to back of hands. Right side thrust kick to shin.
(front waist grab) Step forward to right neutral. Left and right hammer strike to forearms. left and right upper cuts. X block to throat.
(Head lock) Turn to 1:30. Left hammer to groin, right hammer to kidney. Right rear hear grab. Left palm strike to chin.
(Hammer lock) Step back with left foot, left elbow stike. Step back with right foot (facing 10:30). Hyper exend oppents right arm with left arm. Right knee, left, right shuto to back
(Rear two handed wrist grab) Grab wrists and step forward and turn around (4:30). Right elbow stike, right shuto. Left front snap, left, right shutos. Step back to face 1:30 position
(Double arm bar) Punch down right the left. Right rising elbow. Extend left hand. Twist right in front of left, turn around, twist again, face 1:30. Right punch to the ribs,
follow through and hyper extend the left arm
(Single hand lapel cross grab) Left and right inward block, right front snap kick. Right elbow strike, right rising elbow to chin, right hammer strike to nose
(Front bear hug arms free) Turn to 10:30. Step back with the right foot. Left inverted back fist to the back of head. Grab hair with left hand and pull head back
Snap a right half fist to the throat
Right foot to the left and step out to the right (12:00)