Kenpo Karate

     Belt Requirements



Orn      Front Horse

Orn      Right Neutral Bow

Orn      Left Neutral Bow

Orn      Forward Bow

Pur       Right Cat

Blu       Side Horse

Blu       Twist Stance

Blu       Cross Over

Grn      Inward Leaning

Grn      Outward Leaning




Orn      Outward Block

Orn      Inward Block

Orn      Rising Block

Orn      Down & Outward

Orn      Down & Inward

Pur       Extended Outward

Pur       Push Block

Blu       Double Parry

Blu       X-Block

Blu       Inverted Outward



Orn      Front Snap

Orn      Wheel

Orn      Hook

Orn      Side Thrust

Orn      Roundhouse

Pur       Chicken

Pur       Back Thrust

Blu       Spinning Back

Blu       Inward Crescent

Blu       Outward Crescent

Blk       Scoop

Blk       Axe

Blk       Inverted Axe

Blk       Spinning Hook

---        Sweep Leaping Crescent

---        Butterfly


            Punch Techniques

Orn      Standard 5

Pur       Crane

Pur       C-Variation

Blu       Inside Left

Blu       Outside Left

Blu       Left/Right

Blu       Right/ Left

Grn      Back Breaker

Grn      Leap of Death

Grn      Dance of Death

Blk       Inside Dance of


Blk       Five Swords

Blk       Inside Crane

Blk       Inside C

Blk       Thundering Hammer

Blk       Thrusting Palm

Blk       Shielding Hammer

---        Speakman’s Short

---        Speakman’s Long



Orn      Short One

Pur       Long One

Pur       Short Two

Blu       Long Two

Blu       Short Three

Grn      Long Three

Grn      Short Four

Brn       Long Four

2 Brn    Two Man

Blk       Long Five

1 Blk    Long Six



Orn      Single Hand Lapel Dead

Orn      Double Hand Lapel Dead

Orn      Double Hand Lapel Live

Orn      Cross Wrist Grab

Orn      Headlock

Orn      Front Push

Orn      Hammerlock

Orn      Rear Choke

Orn      Rear Hair Grab

Orn      Full Nelson

Pur       Front Choke

Pur       Rear Bear Hug – Free

Pur       Rear Bear Hug – Pinned

Pur       Side Shoulder Grab

Blu       Front Bear Hug – Pinned

Blu       Front Bear Hug – Free

Blu       Front Waist Grab

Blu       Hand Shake

Blu       Single Hand Lapel Cross

Grn      Single Wrist Grab

Grn      Front Tackle

Grn      Rear Two Handed Wrist


Grn      Double Arm Bar

Grn      Front Choke Cross

Grn      Double Wrist Grab

Blk       Lone Kimono

Blk       Locking Horns

---        Speakman’s Headlock



Blk       Inside Knife

Blk       Outside Knife

Blk       Overhead Club

Blk       Parker’s Overhead Club

Blk       Rear Gun Attack

Blk       Inside Club Jab