Baby:    See the first image of our baby

Ferrari 308 GTSi:    Images of my Ferrari 308 GTSi 9/11/2000

Meteor Crater:    aerial photos of the meteor crater near Flagstaff Arizona

Zion National Park:    Various aerial photos and airplane images

Florida 7/99:    Images from my trip to Florida

3/4/2000:    Various aerial photos and airplane images

3/9/2000:    More aerial photos of various office workers dwellings

5/20/2000:  Mikki's friends, sunset pictures and roses.

5/30/2000:  Trip to Cedar Mountain with Brent

6/11/2000:  Alpine, Paul's house and Rob's Neighborhood and Snowbird pictures

Lake Blanch:  Picture taken near Lake Blanch near Twin Peaks 7/8/2000

7/16/2000:  Little Mountain and Donut Falls

Hidden Falls:  Hidden Falls and Mill B North Overlook taken on 7/22/2000

Lisa Falls and Cecret Lake:  Lisa Falls and Cecret Lake taken on 7/30/2000

Silver Lake and Twin Lakes:  Silver Lake and Twin Lakes taken on 8/5/2000

Sunset Flight:  Smokey sunset pictures with a partial solar eclipse taken on 7/30/2000

Lightning:  Various Lightning pictures

Grandeur Peak:  Grandeur Peak pictures taken on 8/12/2000

Miscellaneous: Various pictures

Astronomical:    Picture taken of the night sky or astronomical objects

Computer Art:    Images generated with graphics programs

Computer Animation: Various animation files