These were take at the Kennedy Space Center on 7/20/99 - The 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing



Main Tank and Booster           Original Apollo Control Room



Shuttle Engine                          Explorer Space Shuttle


Interior of Shuttle Engine        Atlas and Delta Rocket pads


Another View                        Oxygen Tank for Shuttle Fuel



 Saturn V Engines


Space Shuttle Columbia on launch pad 39B


Transporter to move the shuttles to the launch pad

Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB)


Second Launch Attempt 7/22/99 12:20 AM - Lightning and rain postponed it

Viewed from Jetty Point in Cape Canaveral


The Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-93) Launch


Launch 12:31 AM 7/23/99 - Third Try is the Charm



After Hours of Waiting



Looking North From Jetty Point


Shuttle High Overhead


3 Minutes Into Launch